Common Questions of People To Event Planners

Inquiries from clients simply indicate that they are interested in avail your event planning service. While some questions came from other competitors who play as mystery customers are just for insulting you.

Many people in event planning are daunted by receiving lucrative questions from clients. To event planner beginners, you must take note of how to handle questions such as the following:

Are you a professional party planner?

Most people may label you as a party planner but, no one in event planning to be called as simple as that. Whether you are managing workshops, conferences, corporate party, everyone in the event field treat each creative with respect.

What does an event planner actually do?

Aside from making the client’s event planning process easy and convenient for them, event planners also plan everything you need. There are clients with unimaginable perspectives towards event planning, they’d think that event happen by itself.

Event planners or event organizers are a group of talented people that can execute your ideas into a paradise and remarkable event.

How many public personalities in your phonebook?

To be honest, this is one of the most difficult questions to answer, since this is confidential and your professionalism, as well as your reputation, might be put at risk. In this case, to provide a satisfying answer to your client, you may inform them that you have handled some events for a celebrity from a certain network. But never practice name dropping.

I have an event three days from now. Can you help me?

As usual, event planners can do wonders and as the client, you will be surprised at how people in event planning can exert too much effort in just a number of days to prepare everything. But as an event organizer, you must inform the client ahead of time that rush event has its equivalent amount as your professional fee.

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