Hilarious and Fun Games for Bridal Shower

Games are one of the much-awaited segments of a bridal shower. Guests who are mostly “bffs” and close relatives are always ready to participate and share laughter around.

Here are some of them:

#1 Kiss the Bride

This is a Pictionary game. The player will draw using a tube of lipstick that she holds in her mouth. She must draw as many as she can in a set limited time.   The one who draws the most wins.

#2 Mints to Be

Players need to move the mints from one container to a jar, which is placed in another part of the room. Each player must suck the mint using a straw and racing to the jar. The one with the most number of mints wins!

#3 Receiving Line

Create two teams. Place a bowl with rice on side of the room and an empty jar on the other side. Players will pass a handful from hand to hand until the last member transfers the remaining amount into the waiting bowl. The first team who fills the jar wins!

#4 Blushing Bride

Print out several copies of the bride’s face without makeup. Each player will give her a makeover while blindfolded. She has one minute to complete the job. The bride chooses the winner.

#5 Put a Ring

Place one bowl and fill it with candy fruit rings. Each player must get at least ten pieces, using a chopstick that she holds in her mouth.

#6 Desperate Housewives

Write down the names of the husbands of famous married celebrities. Let each player pick one card and put an act like the WIFE of the person on the chose card in a charade, no words allowed. The player who is able to act out many names in one minute wins the game.

#7 Cold Feet

Put ten plastic or metal rings in a large serving bowl and fill it with ice-cold water. Each player should retrieve the rings out of the water using her feet in one-minute time. The one who gets the most number of rings is the winner.

All these games add a lot of laughter and fun, so be sure to have them on your bridal shower.

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