Understanding The Different Types Of Summer Tires

Most vehicles usually come with all-season tires as the default tires. The all-season tires provide good performance on the road from the beginning of spring all the way to the end of fall. However, if you want to enjoy better performance on the road in in warm weather conditions, you should consider buying summer tires.

These tires provide better grip and traction on wet and dry roads and have effective hydroplaning prevention. Switching to summer tires for warm weather use also helps you use less gas by increasing the distance that your vehicle travels. You will not be forced to press the gas pedal often to keep your vehicle moving when it has summer tires.

There are different types of summer tires on the market. When you start looking for the ones to purchase, you need to know how to choose those that are suitable for your vehicle and needs. If what you are looking for is extreme street performance, the best type of summer tires to buy are extreme performance summer tires.

summer tire

They feature big-block designs, aggressive tread compounds as well as reinforced internal constructions for boosting dry road response, handling, traction as well as high-speed capabilities for the serious driving enthusiasts.

Another type of summer tire you may be interested in is the max performance summer tire. This one is designed to give you the unsurpassed blend of wet and dry traction and handling that you would not get from other tires. They feature unique materials and are manufactured using precise techniques to provide an unsurpassed blend of wet and dry handling and traction.

There are also ultra-high performance summer tires that will be a great buy if you are looking for tires that provide an outstanding blend of wet and dry traction and handling.

Last but not least, we have high-performance summer tires and grand touring tires.

The former is low profile summer tires that are designed to provide crisp steering response as well as responsive handling in dry and wet conditions. The grand touring summer tires, on the other hand, are designed to blend the beautiful appearance of a performance tire with the smooth and quiet ride of a passenger’s tire.

More emphasis is placed on high-speed capabilities and handling when these tires are being manufactured.

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